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Consultants in Purchasing & Supply Management (Germany/Austria/France)

Ayova Executive Search is an executive search company specializing in sourcing of highly skilled professionals to embark on dynamic and international careers in Europe.
Our client has set the standards of excellence in top management consulting for more than 80 years. The company advises decision makers in leading companies, the public sector, non-profit organizations, and innovative, fast-growing start-ups around the globe. Coming to them means taking on challenges that matter with people who matter in organizations that matter. Their European Purchasing & Supply Management Practice is part of their Operations Practice, which advises leading multinational businesses in all industries, helping them achieve outstanding savings. Their consultants are also experts in areas such as global sourcing, e-procurement, supplier development, and the formation of purchasing organizations.
To strengthen their Practice in their European locations they are looking for candidates with specialist knowledge to help their clients develop innovative purchasing strategies and build a firm basis for long-term success. They offer an environment where one can continually develop own potential.
Our client offers unique opportunities to contribute to their clients' success while developing professionally. The candidate will work with colleagues and client staff from a wide range of business areas across Europe to develop purchasing strategies that support clients' business objectives and give them a competitive edge. In addition to working directly with clients, the candidate will also collaborate with colleagues worldwide to build and shape their expertise and approaches to purchasing and supply management optimization, continually developing own knowledge as well as that of the firm. The company is eager to learn from new ideas and
experiences and share theirs accordingly.
The selected candidates will:
  • have professional experience in strategic purchasing and/or supply management (3 – 10 years in relevant industry),
  • ideally have professional experience in consulting (no must have),
  • have an excellent university degree and excellent final degree class,
  • have outstanding analytical and conceptual skills,
  • show great initiative and creativity, working well both on their own or in a team be confident, enthusiastic, personable, and mobile
  • be able to convince others through written or spoken communications – in the language of the country (German or French), as well as in English.
The candidates will work on stimulating professional challenges with dedicated teams. In addition to a competitive salary and an attractive benefits package, the company offer many opportunities for personal and professional development.
Places: Germany, Austria and France.
Alexandra Llorens
Senior Recruiter
Ayova Executive Search
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