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April 23-24, Charité Entrepreneruship Summit

Hola a tod@s,

Si estáis emprendiendo en el area de medicina en Alemania o cualquier país europeo y buscáis consejo, contactos, financiación, etc, echadle un vistazo al Charité Entrepreneruship Summit (23 y 24 de abril):

Dear All,
for your information:

On April 23-24, Stiftung Charité, Kauffman Foundation, and Charité Medical School will host the fifth Entrepreneurship Summit in Berlin. We gather creative scientists, clinicians, doctoral students, and Postdocs, as well as tech transfer professionals from around Ger-many and Europe and connect them with venture capitalists, business angels, successful entrepreneurs, business developers, patent lawyers, and other experts from Europe and North America.

Doctoral students, Postdocs, and resident physicians register for free while space is available. All other members of universities or research institutes, start-up teams, and tech transfer professionals benefit from substantial discounts (www.charite-summit.de). For all other professions, please note that our early bird rate expires on 16th March.

Meet some of our confirmed speakers this year:

Edward S. Andrle: Ed is Vice President of Business Development and Strategy at the Sorin Group. He is also a director at MD Start SA in Lausanne/ Switzerland. Prior to Sorin, Mr. Andrle co-founded, developed, and sold three medical device companies in the Minneapolis area.

Sander van Deventer: Sander is general partner at the Dutch venture capital firm Forbion Capital Partners. He is also professor of translational gastroenterology at Leiden University Medical Center and has extensive experience in translational research with particular emphasis on drug development.

Anne Glover: Anne is a co-founder and chief executive of Amadeus Capital Partners Ltd., the management company that provides investment services to the Amadeus venture capital funds.

Alexander Osterwalder: Alexander works as an independent author, speaker, and advisor with a focus on business model innovation, strategic management, and management innovation. His book “Business Model Generation” is an international bestseller.

Antoine Papiernik: Antoine is managing partner at the French venture capital firm Sofinnova Partners. He joined Sofinnova in 1997 and was previously with CDC-Innovation, the venture arm of the Caisse des Dépôts group.

Martin Rothman: Martin is a world-renowned interventional cardiologist and Vice President, Medical Affairs for Coronary and Peripheral Vascular Business, at MedTronic. Previously he worked for the UK National Health Service for almost 40 years, including a decade spent as director of cardiac research and development at the London Chest Hospital.

Halle Tecco: Halle directs Rock Health, the first seed-accelerator for health apps. She works directly with startups, helping them develop sustainable business models and connecting them with strategic partners.

Chuck Wilson: Chuck serves as the Global Head of Strategic Alliances at the Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research, leading a group responsible for research partnering at Novartis. Partnering efforts include academic relationships to understand disease processes, biotech collabora-tions to access drug discovery technologies, and in-licensing of compounds prior to clinical proof-of-concept.

Additional interactive Modules:
• Elevator Pitching: Inventors learn in small groups how to present their ideas.
• Partnering: A networking platform for inventors, entrepreneurs, and investors.
• Business Speed Dating: Rapid one-to-one meetings among life scientists, clinicians, engineers, MBAs, and entrepreneurs looking to complete their start-up teams.
• Research Window: Future medical needs and potential solutions.

Visit www.charite-summit.de to register online and find out more de-tails.

¿Quieres darte a conocer en Trabajar en Alemania? No lo dudes

Desde su creación en septiembre de 2011 nuestro portal quiere ser la voz de sus usuarios y para ello ofrecemos nuestro blog como tribuna a los españoles que desarrollan iniciativas de interés (blogs, eventos, asociaciones, libros, empresas, etc.) en Alemania. Os animamos a mandar vuestras propuestas a info@trabajar-en-alemania.es y si vuestra iniciativa nos convence, contactaremos con vosotros.

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